Public handling and interim storage of loading units (LU)


  • Transshipment road/rail, rail/rail and rail/road
  • Interim storage of empty and full loading units (ex. bulk containers up to 20´-45´, also swap type, box container 20´-45´, swap bodies 7.15m – 7.82m, trailers up to 13.60m, also megatrailers) with EDP siding management
  • Control of loading units with DP aided Check in and Check out system
  • Emplacement and removal of dangerous goods labels on loading units
  • Platform of services for rail transport forwarders (ex. claims assessment and claims documentation, management of damaged and stock wagons etc.)

Infrastructure and plant capacity:

  • Area: 250.000 m²
  • Storage capacity: up to 3200 TEU (20’ loading units)
  • 9 transshipment tracks, 620 m craneable length each (module 10 and module 30)
  • 4 transshipment tracks, 564 m craneable length each (module 20)
  • 13 sidings, 600-700 m length each
  • 7 gantry cranes (made by Künz, A – Bregenz-Haid), design load 40 t each
  • Loading and unloading up to 54 trains per day
  • Handling of up to 500,000 loading units p. a.

Further services upon request